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Custom pool deck

Our Carpentry Construction Company

DonnerHollen Construction is a locally owned and operated company providing experienced craftsmanship and excellent service to the greater Chicagoland area.

Experienced Construction Techniques

We believe in providing our clients with honest, quality service to ensure satisfaction in all construction projects. From initial project planning and estimating to construction management and remodeling, DonnerHollen Construction remains focused and engaged to see your project through to a successful completion.

Our diligence and follow- through have helped us establish many excellent client-contractor relationships during our more than 24 years in the construction industry.

Choosing the Right Carpenter Contractor

Attending to details, listening to customers, and providing a level of service that exceeds expectations during a project sets DonnerHollen Construction apart from so many other contractors. We strongly agree that quality and reliability are keys to any successful project.

We understand the difficulties customers face when choosing a contractor. That is why we are constantly striving for the highest level of satisfaction. A client, who is satisfied with not only the completed project, but the ease and enjoyment of the process taken as well, is our greatest asset!

A happily satisfied client will use us again in the future and even more important, they will recommend us to others!